Don’t have any Emerald green in your wardrobe and are not yet ready to commit to a pair of green pants? Not to worry, there’s plenty of ways to look festive this St. Paddy’s Day!

Read on for all the inspo on what to wear at this year’s SPD!


Looking to get that perfect St. Patrick’s Day pic? There’s no better occasion to rock an Irish kilt.

Hats might just be the easiest accessories for SPD!

Whether you pick up a green snapback from the mall or rock a branded hat given out the day of the event, this pop of colour can make any outfit St. Patrick’s Day ready!

Purchased those last minute tickets and don’t have time to shop around? We can help!

Join us early to grab a spray-painted tattoo.

We’re not picky about your shade of green.

Army green + Camo. Our favourite Fall shades are perfect to celebrate this day.

Feeling lucky?

Toss on a pair of suspenders & transform yourself into a Leprechaun for the day!

From the Celtics to the Roughriders and the Toronto St Pats, your favourite sports team’s jersey makes for the perfect SPD outfit!

Green not your colour?

We're all for rocking your favourite all-black outfit+ a touch of Irish spirit.

You can’t go wrong wearing a few pairs of beads over your best outfit... and if you’re really feeling festive, you can add a ribbon or headband to your hair!

Scarves and feather boas!

A scarf around your neck is another simple and inexpensive accessory to show off your spirit!

Your Favourite Coat

Throw on your favourite army green coat, they’re perfect for St. Paddy’s!

Not festive enough for you?

Here is some crazy inspiration from past SPDs.

Don’t miss out!

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