St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most famous cultural celebrations in the world (and one of the biggest drinking events😉). It’s a holiday best spent wearing green, commemorating the Irish, and drinking more whiskey & beer than usual.🍻

With all the excitement it can be easy to make a list of these common St. Patrick’s Day-related blunders. Let us help you avoid making any this year - or next:

1. Avoid greeting people (or captioning your Instagrams) with"Happy St. Patty’s Day".

The correct way to shorten St. Patrick’s Day is by saying St. Paddy not Patty.

2. Pace yourself.

Nobody wants to be holding their friend’s hair at noon, you’ve still got a lot of party left!

Make sure that you eat food before you drink, throughout the day, and above all stay hydrated by mixing in a water during the celebrations.

3. Show some respect to Ireland! 🇮🇪 Don't exclusively drink your regular non-Irish liqueurs.

It might be tempting to stick to your regular craft beer, but don’t do it!

There are a few great drinks from Ireland, so this is the ideal day to get to give a few of them a try.

Find they're not your thing? You can always mix in as hot of Irish whiskey and return to your favourite drink of choice from the full bar options all day!

4. No matter how good it is, resist the urge to break out your fake Irish accent.

We suggest you leave the Irish accents to the Irish, and avoid using the accent in any pick-up lines you might have had planned.

5. BodyPaint < Face Paint.

You might be out of outfit ideas, but covering your body in green paint to blend in (or stand out from) the crowd isn’t always the best idea.

Body paint can be extremely difficult to wash off at the end of the night, and is likely go patchy at about mid-day.

We suggest checking out the face painters at the event to take your St. Paddy's day look up a notch!

6. Don't forget to purchase your SPD Canada tickets ahead of time.

This event is sold-out EVERY year! Avoid disappointment and buy your tickets early - you don't want to be that friend with no place to go on the big day!

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